If youth knew!

When I look back at the past and think how much time was spent in vain, how much of it was lost in delusions, in errors, in idleness, in the inability to live; how I failed to value it, how many times I sinned against my heart and spirit — then my heart contracts in … Continue reading If youth knew!

Theology and the Opioid Crisis

Addiction exists along a spectrum, not a duality, and mine was caught early. My doctor was empathetic and compassionate in a way that made it easier to accept the help that I needed. I was not forced into quitting “cold turkey.” Instead, I was given time, ongoing pain treatment, and the resources I needed to … Continue reading Theology and the Opioid Crisis

Loving the Traditions We Already Love and Value

Perhaps the greatest reward of growing older is seeing a tradition preserved so it can benefit the generations that follow. In a social environment that values change and progress above all, this is no small task. It may require resistance, defense, and even recalcitrance. But defense cannot be our main task. Rather, we must show … Continue reading Loving the Traditions We Already Love and Value