The Permanent Symbols of a Settled Form of Life

One of the most important insights of the recently deceased Roger Scruton was that this obligation to create beauty applies as much to our buildings and city streets as to painting or literature. Scruton came to this realization out of his deep conviction that the task of conservatism is to make ourselves at home. In … Continue reading The Permanent Symbols of a Settled Form of Life

This Process

Art’s premise is that you have to enter into this process over and over in order to get anywhere, and there’s not some product that’s going to rescue you. - Christian Wiman in Faith & Leadership, "Christian Wiman: Making Art is an Expression of Faith"

Spiritual Workaholism?

Contrary to popular belief, though, workaholism isn’t so much about the actual hours that people work but more about how people experience work–including the physical and psychological consequences it has on them. An interesting peculiarity of workaholism is its ability to simultaneously boost employee engagement, and impair health and well-being. In other words, workaholics are more … Continue reading Spiritual Workaholism?

Rationally Optimistic

For over 200 years, humanity has made incredible leaps and bounds in improving economic growth, material abundance, and human health, driving up many of the key factors in human well-being, while simultaneously driving down child mortality, violence, war, poverty, ignorance, immiseration, and a plethora of other negative indicators. However, progress forward isn’t progress completed. As … Continue reading Rationally Optimistic

Concerning Evangelicals Everyone is a Dunderhead

Evangelical elites are clearly as out of touch with the populist evangelical base as is the case in society in general. And lambasting populist evangelicals as hypocrites or dimwits will simply perpetuate the divide. - Carl Trueman, First Things, "Evangelical Elites Are Out of Touch" This is Trueman's clinching line, reacting to an editorial by … Continue reading Concerning Evangelicals Everyone is a Dunderhead