Senseless Arson

The burning of a church in northern Mississippi this week is being investigated as arson because of a spray-painted message at the scene that seemed to criticize the church’s defiance of coronavirus restrictions. First Pentecostal Church had sued the city of Holly Springs, Miss., which is about an hour southeast of Memphis, arguing that its … Continue reading Senseless Arson

The Pluses of Religious Observance

The study neither encourages nor discourages religion, and the research does not bend to favor one faith over another. Regular attendance was the study’s common denominator, no matter whether one was entering a mosque, temple, church or synagogue. But clearly and convincingly, the research found something unique in the faith experience and the communities that cultivate … Continue reading The Pluses of Religious Observance

Style is Substance

Proponents of contemporary worship explain that they are not changing the substance, or content of Christian worship, but only updating the style, or form for modern tastes. Rock bands, production pop-tunes, TED Talk sermons, coffee-house vibes, and (fill-in-the latest worship trend here) are, the argument goes, just making Christianity relevant. While seeming harmless, this argument … Continue reading Style is Substance

Seminary Education is Changing

But times are changing. According to the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), one-third of 2017 graduates planned to enter bivocational minis­try, with 57% of black/non-Hispanic and 41% of Hispanic/Latino gradu­ates declaring bivocational intention. Additionally, in a survey of over 5,000 seminary students, ATS found almost 40% of them intended to use their degrees to serve … Continue reading Seminary Education is Changing

Gen Z Religiosity

In 2008, around one-third of millennials (31.9%) were religiously unaffiliated. Over the next decade, that figure rose more than 10 percentage points to 42.7%, according to data provided by Ryan Burge, a political scientist at Eastern Illinois University. “Without some type of exogenous shock to disrupt the current patterns of behavior ... it’s difficult to … Continue reading Gen Z Religiosity